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Volunteering Work Terms & Conditions

  • The volunteer must have a sound understanding and background about the works of the Society.
  • The volunteer must be of good behavior and must maintain proper work ethics and cooperate with the Society's employees
  • The volunteer must abide by all instructions issued by the Society.
  • The volunteer must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the Society's information, data and assets.
  • The volunteer must follow the managerial hierarchy and its procedures.
  • The volunteer will not use their position in the Society for personal gains.
  • The volunteer must fill the volunteering request form.
  • The volunteer must ensure that all attachments and relevant, accurate and clear information accompany the volunteering application.
  • Volunteers under the legal age must acquire the permission of their legal guardians.

Both parties have agreed on the following:

  • First Party agrees to provide to the Second Party all the necessary guidelines, information and communication through messages and meetings.
  • The Second Party agrees to gain information and understand the action plans set forth by the First Party and select the appropriate activity(ies) and location.
  • The Second Party commits to the Volunteer work agreed upon and shall make no sudden or arbitrary excuses from performing all their duties, and shall nominates a substitute individual in their place in case of doing so.
  • Second Party commits to attending all meetings whenever the case requires so.
  • First Party shall be entitled to award certificates of Appreciation to the Volunteers who undertake three (3) or more activities.
  • First Party shall be entitled to, with no obligations, reward financial compensation to any very motivated and highly active parties.
  • First Party shall be entitled to provide employment to those active parties whenever the need arises.

Volunteer Information