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About the Society

Who we are

The Society of Autism Families is a non-profit charitable organization established in 2009 under the Human Resources and Social Development Ministry under Decree 528.
Autism Spectrum Disorder, or simply Autism, is a trending condition that has impacted several families, households, and their surroundings due to the difficulties related to communication and behavioral adaptation barriers. It surely has exhausted families and parents equally emotionally and physically, which brought about a sense of despair and negative impact to their lives. We firmly believe that, with the proper training, awareness and knowledge, and continuous support, families with Autism cases can seamlessly adapt to dealing with their members’ autistic cases in order to lead healthy and active lives.
After all, everyone deserves a normal and healthy social life, free of any disturbing hindrance. It is what keeps hope alive in everyone and lights the torch of progress and happiness in facing every-day challenges that come with Autism. In its purest form, The Society of Autism Families’ members, which include various members of our community, thrives to combine various social initiatives, projects, and other activities on a national level, and with assistance from various sources (governments, non-governmental organizations, individual contributors and volunteers), to promote great efforts that foster activities that help families deal with the matter of autism in all its spectrums and dimensions, and in the best way possible to give the autistic family members the care and attention they need to lead a socially and professional healthy lifestyle.


Despite our diversity in many activities and initiatives, our sustainable existence and our continuous look into making a brighter future for autism patients are built upon a solid foundation of cornerstone objectives:
  • Develop the Autism Sector's Institutional Infrastructure
  • Increase the level of skills and qualification to human resources who work in the Autism Sector
  • Support partnerships among organizations functioning in Autism
  • Raise social awareness about Autism
  • Support and motivate Autism Families
  • Support the Society's institutional structure
A developmental organization that thrives to rise with the Autism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through supporting and coordinating efforts of all entities through a scientific approach and a growing collaboration.
Towards an integrated and well-developed sector for Autistic individuals.

Our Services

  • Spread social awareness about Autism
  • Facilitate the provision of services by governmental, education, professional and medical sectors
  • Healthcare services that include rehabilitation, development, guidance, support, and assistance in collaboration with relevant organizations
  • Digital Services on the Society's dedicated e-platform (Consultations, lectures, and workshops
  • Rehabilitation services provided by professionals and specialists with Autism.
  • Material services to families (consumable aid)
  • Facilitation of Services provided by third parties
  • Adoption of programs and initiatives that support autistic individuals and their families

Our value

  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Integration
  • Endeavor

Through one of our major initiatives, "Kafalah", we offer autistic children a wide array of training, orientation, and rehabilitation programs that help them develop their life-linked social and academic skills while minimizing the impact of their autism spectrum condition and dealing with society in a healthy manner through highly qualified training centers and training modules.
Because Autism is a life-long condition, we at the Society of Autism Families focus on being life-long partners to parents and guardians and their autistic family members to be there for them and help them co-exist with autism through comforting skills and knowledge.