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About the Society

Board Members

Our Caring Leadership Team
The beauty that embraces our very existence lies within the professional individuals and entities, both internal and external, that work in harmony and in a unified vision to bring together innovative and constructive programmes and initiatives to serve the community wherever possible and needed. Our Board members are very well aware of the plight brought forth by this condition because they themselves have family members with autism and share the community’s concerns and passion to dealing with it.
Our leadership team members are continuously exploring, planning, and brainstorming on sophisticated ideas, activities and fostering their implementation to the best extent at all times, contributing their ever-growing expertise, energy and efforts towards making the Society a powerful force of hope to the world of Autism.
  • HRH Prince Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Al Faisal Al Farhan Al Saud
  • Prof. Naef Bin Fahad Bin Mohammad Bin Suaidan
    Vice Chairman
  • Dr. Mueed Bin Abdullah Saeed Al Zahrani
  • HRH Princess Samira Bint Abdullah Al Faisal
    Board Member
  • HRH Princess Dr. Fahdah Bint Abdul Aziz Bin Fahad Al Faisal
    Board Member
  • Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Ajlan
    Board Member
  • Abeer Bint Ahmad Al Saleh
    Board Member
  • Dr. Arwa Bint Ali Akhdar
    Board Member
  • Dr. Abaad Bint Nasser Al Zoman
    Board Member

Society of Autism Families

The Society of Autism Families is a non-profit charitable organization that brings together autism families’ experiences and multi-discipline expertise in counselling services, awareness programs and courses, as well as other various social initiatives.