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About the Society

Honors List
Individuals who put great and tangible efforts and dedicated their time voluntarily for the service and supporting the works of the Society, each according to their specialization
  • Dr. Ibrahim Al Othman
    Special Ed. Professor - KSU
  • Dr. Arwa Akhdar
    PhD Ed. Mgmt. - SAF Board Member
  • Mr. Nawwaf Al Harbi
    Gen. Supervisor Special Education (Measurement and Diagnosis)
  • Ms. Abir Al Saleh
    SAF Board Member
  • Mr. Tarek El Eshiwi
    SAF Advisor
  • Mr. Mohammad Bin Hasan Al Shehri
    Editor-in-Chief, Al Mowaten E-Newspaper
  • Dr. Mohammad Al Asiri
    SAF Advisor
  • Mr. Abdulaziz Al Aadi
    Zamalah Casid Programme Member - SAF Legal Advisor
  • Sunaina Kohli
    People Experience lead - PwC
  • Ammar Hindmarsh
    Partner, Consulting - PwC
  • Rami Maqboul
    Director, Consulting - PwC
  • Modar Nazer
    Senior Manager, Consulting - PwC
  • Ma'en Al Tamemi
    Senior Manager, Consulting - PwC