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February 23, 2018

Princess Samira Al Faisal: More Efforts needed from the National Autism Programme

The Chair of the Board of Directors of the Society of Autism Families, Princess Samira Bint Abdullah Al-Faisal, confirmed to Okaz that the National Autism Project, which was launched in 1423, was not implemented, as did the families and parents of autistic children.
In the forum, which was attended by Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Al-Faisal and members of the Shura Council, she stated that the concern of many families with children with autism lies in "what will be the future of their children and their fate", calling on society to secure the future of this group. She explained that there are 5 centers opened now but it does not give the autistic child only 4 hours of services, while the child needs 8 to 10 hours of training, noting that these centers do not have a proper rehabilitation for people with autism over 12 years, stressing that the autistic child is in a state of luck With proper rehabilitation, he will be creative and effective in society. Princess Samira Al-Faisal said: "There are those with autism who are a student who graduated from King Saud University, and he is present in the forum, and the other is a student in the second secondary school. Pending, "expressing dissatisfaction with the status of the Autistic Families Charitable Association. And she saw that the association did not achieve 1% of their ambition due to the lack of specialized centers serving directly, explaining that the association has more than 3500 files for people with autism, and the number of its employees is only 5!, pointing out that the association does not serve the child directly, but it has 4 goals, namely: the claim On the rights of people with autism, raising awareness, training families, and supporting families in need.
Princess Samira wished to support the projects of the association as a charitable endowment, indicating that they have plans and capabilities to set up endowment projects under the names of businessmen as in the case in Qassim, surprising that Riyadh is free from any center specialized in rehabilitation.
Princess Samira bint Abdullah Al-Faisal also praised the role of "Okaz" in humanitarian work, noting that she did not forget the newspaper's role in saving an autistic child who was living in "Shabak" in a dire situation. When Okaz published his tragedy on its pages, he was rescued and aided by his family, and he is now reading and writing.
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