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A non-profit charitable organization that brings together autism families‘s experiences and multi-discipline expertise in counselling services, awareness programs and courses, as well as the various social initiatives.
about autism

What is autism?

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a known brain development condition that manifests itself as difficulty in communicating or socializing with others and can affect an individual and their family throughout their life.

  • Family history
  • Very premature birth
  • Nutritional deficiency early in pregnancy
  • Some complications during or after childbirth
  • The mother was exposed to some chemicals during pregnancy

Autism affects One out of every 59 Children.

40% of children with Autism do not speak.

Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.

  • Male 79%
  • Female 21%
Enroll in education
  • Enrolled 56%
  • Not enrolled 44%
  • 11% Recurrence of autism in the family
  • 7% Repeated cases of disability in the family
  • 2% Students from abroad
Gender statistics Males under the age of 13 Males over the age of 13   Males under the age of 13 Females over the age of 13
Age 65% 35%   59% 41%
Saudis 58% 32%   53% 35%
Non-Saudis 7% 3%   7% 5%
Not enrolled Saudis 47% 46%   46% 34%
Not enrolled non-Saudis 3% 3%   10% 9%

Active Programs

A support to us is a support to them

Your support contributes towards providing consulting support, financing of awareness programs and SAF hostes activities to Autistic individuals to give them and their children a better lifestyle
Autism Stories Program
Autism Stories Program
Program Significance
Through this Program, specialized professionals of various life matters specializations, as well as government entities
SAR 0 raised of SAR 574,500 goal
Psychological Guidance Program
Psychological Guidance Program
Program Significance
Society of Autism Families has worked on launching its unique Psychological Guidance Program to serve 300 families throughout the year to help them change their disturbing motives and their negative thoughts
SAR 150,000 raised of SAR 600,000 goal
Youth Leisure Program
Youth Leisure Program
Program Significance
We thrive to realize the happiness to Autistic individuals through various sports and group activities
SAR 0 raised of SAR 1,055,000 goal
Our Latest

News and Activities

  • March 31, 2020
    World Autism Day - April 02, 2020: Transition to Adulthood
  • January 25, 2020
    Society for Autism Families working with PwC to transform our future
    We are very excited to be engaging with PwC for the betterment of our community
  • December 06, 2019
    Saudi Autistic Youth Treated to a Day at the Formula E Races
    A group pf Saudi Autistic youths were treated to a day at the races as part of an initiative to...

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