Through many years of research and medical diagnostic observations, behavioral patterns related to autism have been monitored and recorded, through which several symptoms and traits of autism have been identified.

Anyone considered to be on the autism spectrum is affected by one of the following two main ranges:

  • Social communication and social interaction: This may include difficulty understanding nonverbal communication such as body language, difficulty understanding when and how to respond appropriately during social interaction, and difficulty developing, understanding and maintaining relationships with others.
  • Repetitive pattern of behavior: characterized by autism spectrum disorder's frequent use of movement, speech, etc., or easily disturbed by changes in routine and familiar environments, and narrow focus on limited areas of interest.

Autistic people tend to behave in a way that is not socially acceptable and they may have a reason behind it. Medical researchers indicate that the unusual behavior of individuals with autism is related to their inability to focus with the person who is talking to them, or because the person with autism tries to send a message to the other person but is unable to express it, and this is due to the lack of focus and the tendency of the person with autism to Lack of eye contact with the person they are talking to.

In addition, many people with autism may suffer from what is called a severe meltdown, which literally means that the person with autism, tends to scream and tantrums in cases of psychological confusion. This breakdown can be expressed verbally, such as yelling, or physically in ways such as slamming, kicking, and sometimes biting>

Another form of behavior in people with autism may be associated with an inability to cope with a situation that promotes anxiety, which may lead to unusual circumstances and behaviors including, but not limited to, easy loss of patience, difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, depression, or attachment of a specific person or thing.

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